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Tim Weil
IEEE Region 5 Director Candidate


I have been working with Tim in IEEE Denver Section activities for the past several years. We recently organized the IEEE GREENTECH 2017 conference in Denver, Colorado, last March. He has a tremendous experience, he is a great team player, he is brilliant. His leadership always brings success and recognition in everything that he undertakes. I am very proud to know him and I strongly support him for Region 5 Director.

– Marcelo Godoy Simoes, Ph.D., IEEE Fellow

Tim personifies a commitment to help make every IEEE event a success. From my very first encounter with him at a Computer Society Chapter meetings, it has been an ever-expanding scope of collaboration on IEEE events large and small. Well organized, with a willingness to help everyone, he has been engaged in multiple IEEE activities.  The results are there for all to see. He led the highly successful 2013 IEEE GREENTECH Conference, and the 2013 R5 Annual Leadership + Student event, and recently was a tireless contributor and mentor to the again very successful 2017 GREENTECH conference, and the 2017 R5 Annual Leadership + Student event. The most visible aspect of his leadership in these events is his focus on the participants, members and students.  I have also benefitted from technical discussions in a number of areas including security; he serves as an editor of the security track for the IEEE IT Professional magazine. It is both a personal pleasure and honor to be able to nominate Tim to be the next IEEE Region 5 Director.  I know that he will work tirelessly on our behalf and benefit.

– Pankaj G

I have known and worked with Tim for over 10 years, and am pleased to endorse Tim Weil for Region 5 Director-Elect. I have worked with Tim during his years in Washington DC as an IEEE Volunteer, and especially was impressed with his performance as Washington Section Chair, as well as other positions in the Section. His leadership ability, and his successes developing new volunteers was impressive. I look forward to Tim representing all IEEE Members on the IEEE Board Of Directors, the IEEE-USA Board of Directors, and the MGA Board.

– Marc Apter, IEEE-USA President (2013), IEEE VP Regional Activities (2004-05)

I have worked with Tim Weil for many years on IEEE projects, including IEEE standards and editing a department for IEEE IT Pro magazine. He gets things done. For those who have not worked on standards before, the process can be long and frustrating, as many competing interests must be addressed and agreements reached. It also requires dedication, as the development and approval of an IEEE standard typically takes several years. Tim served in key positions for multiple standards in security, demonstrating leadership and outstanding communication skills.
More recently, I have worked with Tim editing a column on security for IEEE IT Pro magazine. Once again, his dedication has been key, leading to his consistent success in finding authors to produce interesting articles and seeing the review and editing process through to completion. With his tremendous depth and breadth of knowledge, and dedication to getting the job done, Region 5 will be fortunate to have his commitment as Director.

– Rick K

I have had the privilege to work with Tim in the past five years in organizing two Region 5 IEEE GREENTECH conferences along with other committee members.  In 2013, Tim was the General Chair of this conference and has executed the management of conference very well.  This event consists of the Technical Program and Robotic Competition program and it was well attended by more than 200 participants.  Coordination among the committee members and the regular preparation meetings were executed well ahead of time, meticulously and accurately, as such that the conference went very well without a glitch.  Tim is a team builder and he has an ability to bring all parties to the table and create collegial and friendly atmosphere to all members of the team.  Therefore, it is my pleasure to endorse my colleague Tim Weil for Region 5 Director.

– Eduard M

I am pleased to endorse Tim Weil for Region 5 Director. Having known and worked with Tim for over a dozen years I have come to appreciate his dedication and talent as an IEEE volunteer. As part of the team for GLOBECOM 2007 he was aggressive in building the patron program and helped lead the conference to strong financial success. His ability to network, put together a strategy and execute has allowed him to continue to build the patron program. As Chair of the Washington Section his leadership was key to bringing new enthusiasm into the local area and helping the section transition through a number of changes in operation. Tim’s enthusiasm, leadership and ability to bring together volunteers will be a strong asset for Region 5.

– Doug H

I have known Tim for 1-2 decades, in that time he has exhibited extraordinary leadership skills and the ability to negotiate his way around countless IEEE functions.  As a leader, he has organized and managed people and events far beyond expectations of staff and volunteers. He is willing and more than capable of representing IEEE Region 5 as well or better than most of the Directors I have been exposed to for nearly 30 years.

– Steve B


Tim has diligently worked with the IEEE for many years serving in many capacities.  All his accomplishments are too numerous to list, but I became involved with him as he was successfully restarting the Denver Communication (COMSOC) society. With his excellent leadership qualities, he has recruited new members and has successfully brought them up into leadership roles.  Tim is a great communicator and has a history of publishing various articles. In short with Tim’s lengthy experience with the IEEE and in industry I solidly endorse Tim for Director of Region 5.

– Tim G, Chair Denver Communications Society


Tim cares deeply about the mission of IEEE and is willing to work hard to advance the organization.  He is conscientious, detail oriented and knows how to accomplish things within the IEEE framework.  Tim was an effective team member during my tenure as Chair of the Denver Section.  He contributed and did not hesitate to volunteer for work to help the Section.  He has a calm personality and worked really well with the team. I happily endorse him for Region 5 Director.

– Bob F, Past Chair-Denver Section


I have known Tim for the better part of a decade where I’ve worked and collaborated with him on many IEEE Region 5 and Denver Section activities and events. I have never met anyone with the breadth of understanding and ability to negotiate the often daunting IEEE processes and procedures to make things happen. I am therefore pleased to endorse Tim Weil for Region 5 Director-Elect.

– Joseph Webster – CISSP, IEEE Senior Member

I have had the good fortune and privilege to work alongside Tim in many IEEE activities in the Washington, D.C. section. Tim has been a supporter and mentor at all levels, giving his time and encouragement to dealing with important issues that are at the heart of the IEEE organization. He is a team player with leadership qualities. Tim is an excellent speaker who will take the time to listen to others and share their ideas. I have seen his effectiveness in promoting the values and benefits of IEEE membership, of volunteering and recognizing the importance of recognition and retention. I have seen him convey these attributes to strengthen IEEE members and colleagues when so many other competing activities are occurring at the same time. He is friendly, engaging and will go out of his way to offer assistance. At a higher level, Tim served as the Patron Chair for the 2013 IEEE COMSOC GLOBECOM Annual Meeting. The meeting was highly successful and had outstanding sponsorship. It is therefore an honor and a pleasure to endorse my colleague, Tim Weil, for Director, Region 5.

– Harry Sauberman, PE, Patron Chair for IEEE GLOBECOM 2016, past Director of the Washington, D.C. Section

I fully support Tim’s candidacy for IEEE Region 5 Director, I was very fortunate to work with Tim on IEEE Communication Society activities both at Society Level and at Conference Level – Globecom 2015 & 2016 in the role of Patronage & Sponsorship. In such roles, Tim has excelled in his communication, organization and outreach skills to work with Industrial & Academic leaders to make both Globecom 2015-16 huge success from a financial & funding point of view, I encourage you to seriously consider and support Tim willingness to volunteer & serve in this important IEEE leadership role.

– Upkar Dhaliwal, IEEE Communication Society North America Board Member Region 6, past chair of the San Diego COMSOC Chapter